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July 18, 2006



Expect that you got the name wrong, Nikolaj didn't make the site, I did (Michiel Kamermans), Nikolaj merely linked to it on his homepage =)

Michiel "Pomax" Kamermans


and I should have caught that typoed "except".


Also, as a last comment, the poems linked to are mine, rather than Nikolaj's - while laudum to the website is always a nice thing, it might have been a good idea to verify the information before posting on it ^^;

Will Jasprizza

Dear Michiel

I am really sorry that I got the name wrong - my apologies. I have corrected the error.

If I may explain - When I went to the Links page I found the following link plus your comment:

http://www.nikolaj.doorways.dk/mikepoison - This is, technically, my homepage. It's currently hosting my drawings including the webmanga I gave up on =)

I attributed this homepage to you because you yourself said that it was. And yes, I should have checked the Contact page and for this I apologise, but I thought I was on pretty firm ground with the description of the link.

I am really sorry that there was this mix-up and I can understand how you feel but to avoid this happening again might I suggest you change the description of Nikolaj's link to "This is the homepage of a friend/colleague of mine. You can find some of my poems hosted here

cheers, and thanks for Nihongoresources.com



an understandable mistake: my homepage used to be http://nikolaj.doorways.dk/mikepoison as a subdirectory in Nikolaj's web directory... though why that dir is still alive I cannot quite fathom... nice to see some of my old poems again though, I didn't realise they were still online.

What puzzles me is how you got to the "main" page, that's been gone for a long time I thought... O.o

Will Jasprizza


http://nikolaj.doorways.dk/mikepoison takes you to a page with a title and three links:

Index of /mikepoison

Parent Directory

I just checked out the Parent Directory, which turns out to be: http://nikolaj.doorways.dk/



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