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January 22, 2007



I think you will find this mnemonic kanji book interesting.


Hey Will. I'm in the middle of my daily Harry Potter reading, and I came across a word that made me remember your comment on my blog a few weeks ago. You wrote:

"Here's one for you - you're driving along in Japan and someone in the car in front of you throws some trash onto the road. You want to convey the idea to the person sitting next to you that what the trash-thrower did was offensive/rude/an affront - what would you say in Japanese? (Hmm…this could make for a post on my own blog…)"

The word I came across was「けしからん」, meaning "outrageous, rude, inexcusable."

Using eijiro on alc.co.jp, it listed these examples:

けしからん! "How disgraceful!"
実にけしからん "downright criminal"

I wonder if it would also work in the scenario you proposed.

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