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January 09, 2008



Hey, there's the update I was hoping for! ;)

Good to see Facebook has something useful in it. I'll give it a go, breaking my new year's resolution of spending less time on the net and more time working in the process.


Someone knocked me off the number one spot!! My world is shattered. How they got more points for an identical perfect score eludes me though.



I found a great site to teach and learn japanese! It's between SNS and e-learnig website. This site is: http://www.lingueo.com/
You can teach your mother tongue on Lingueo and earn money. You can learn japanese with native speaker:-)
It's so cool !


buy acai

Just wanted to let you know that it’s not showing up properly on the BlackBerry Browser (I have a Pearl). Anyway, I’m now on the RSS feed on my laptop, so thanks!

Learn kana

Interesting app... although I would recommend to use SRS software like Anki instead. It is MUCH more effective for reviewing the kanji and also the kana.

Still, thanks for sharing! :D

Wael DEC

interesting Article, any idea where i can find some usefull teaching material online?


I've also started using Anki, after a recommendation on JapaneseLevelUp. It's a bit hard to set up, but very easy to use, and works really well. He recommends using the RTK 1-3 deck, which I find harder since it doesn't give readings (thank goodness for Google and Rikaichan), and I don't have a copy of "Remembering the Kanji"... For sentences and grammar, I also recommend the "Tae Kim's Guide to Japanese Grammar" deck, based on http://www.guidetojapanese.com ...

As for the Kanji Box app, too bad I can't use it because, for security reasons, I had to permanently disable apps on my FB account and deadlock it into HTTPS mode (most apps don't support SSL).

Dwein Einz

Just in a few days, I've learned some new things and think Kanji Box is a really helpful tool. It's kind of like a flashcard game. Anyway, check it out if your looking for a way to test your skills without having to go buy anything.

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