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June 13, 2005



Hi Will
I just wanted to ask a question about the Hiesig book. I haven't been able to have a look at it yet but have heard that everyone says that it is great. What I want to know is whether the method that it teaches you to remember the kanji only works when you see the kanji or whether it is effective enough to help you to remember how to write them? I hope that makes sense. Thank you Andrew


More than any other method, Heisig teaches you how to write! Check out my review of Heisig here: http://www.nihongojouzu.com/2004/06/heisig_remember.html



So let me get this straight, the jlpt is to test you ability to speak japanese, but the study guide is in japanese. So, Unless you already are at a 2-kyuu level, you cannot read the study guide well enough to for it to help. Or do I have along way to go to pass level 3...


First up - the JLPT does not test speaking ability at all - it tests reading (kanji, comprehension, grammar, vocab) and listening. Secondly, as I mentioned in the post, the book is NOT a study guide - it is aimed at those who compile the test questions and publishers who provide study materials for passing the JLPT. If you want to find out the requirements for each level of the test I recommend checking out www.mlcjapanese.co.jp - lots of info and it is in English. The JLPT application form is also out and it contains an explanation for each level too.



Yumi Nakata

I haven't seen this book yet, but I am very interested in getting this book for my students preparing for JLPT. I believe many sources out there do not gurantee you to pass the test, but it certainly helps to use study materials to prepare for the test.

Spy Voice Recorders

it is really a guide for those compiling test questions for the JLPT and were NOT designed as a study.

Spanish in Latin America

Awfully insightful appreciate it, I'm sure your readers may perhaps want further stories like that keep up the excellent work.


A comprehensive list of learning tools have been compiled at http://shinobukaneko.blogspot.com/. Please check and add more apps if you encounter any free apps.

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