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March 27, 2006



I've run across these from time to time and I've read a ton of different sources on which ones are which and what they mean. However, this is the first time I've seen a really good usage explination along with them. Using them to describe your day is one of the smartest ways I've seen the subject presented. Excellent work, Will!

scott @ nihongoagogo

Sierra Kenney

I just want to say thank you for continuing to provide a wonderful website with so many resources. I recently started downloaded podcasts from iTunes and now I can't stop listening to them on my iPod.

At home, at work, in the car, in the gym...

So many postcasts, so little time! Thank you for reminding us that there's so more than music and video!


Will, I love your stuff... and I'm also learning English on the way!


theres lot of words they use in Japanese manga too

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