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March 30, 2006



very pretty nicely designed site, but more or less useless. i mean if your goal is to be a chinese person who doesnt know japanese, or a tattoo artist that can acurately identify the correct character to the girl who wants devil on her ass, then its perfect. i have way to many friends that study this way and all they can read on the train is that word of four kanji means jealousy-water-carry-screen, if that seems like a useful skill this website is the best of its kind.


@ justin : first off, the website doesn't claim to teach anything, it's designed to help review what is learned with James W. Heisig's book "Remembering the Kanji".

Secondly, James Heisig's method is far from useless!

This topic has been debated over and over :



justin you're a piece of shit man !
just trying to deter anyone bold enough to really tackle with kanjis ... this methos has countless instance of people having reached real understanding of japanese and fluency eventually . You don't seem to understand the point of the method : it's just an introduction . Coupled with the kanji chain method and the input method of antimoon with a SRS the results are awesome.
You're just another advocate of this closeminded school which doesn't understand the difference between an adult westerner and a japanese child .



While I appreciate you taking the time to post a comment, please play the ball, not the man. If you disagree with someone's opinion then say so, and present your reasons. Name calling like this adds nothing to the discourse and casts a pejorative pall on your words.




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