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June 14, 2006



they have an English Training software for Japanese speaking people, I wish they had a Japanese Training software!


oh, there's also this software: http://www.success-corp.co.jp/software/ds/kanji/


I've been hearing so much about this new DS lite these past few months--least to say, your post is another in the hub that makes my mouth water. Don't get me wrong, I adore my wordtank but the DS lite just looks soooo snazzy.

(I've got my sights set on the 'Ice Blue' edition. Although, it appears I'll have to buy it off eBay if I really want it--at, of course, a ridiculously jacked up price.)

Anyway, I look forward to your full review.

Paul D

I bought a DS Lite last month (in Japan, of course), plus that Kanji Jisho program that's everywhere. It has become my most indispensable tool! I can just take it everywhere I go and look up anything I need to on the spot.

The few electronic dictionaries that have kanji handwriting recognition are far more expensive.


I -just- picked up a DS lite on Sunday( the release date here in the states ) and I'm in love with it. Having looked around, there are many resources for homebrew games on the DS and I've given consideration to trying to build a client around Breen's edict. Any chance of getting a review of the DS Kanji Jisho, Paul?


So does the DS Lite come with an English-Japanese dictionary or do you have to buy separate software?



You have to buy the dictionary software separately - according to my sources 漢字そんなまま is the deal. It retails for about 4000 yen. I am revelling in 脳を鍛える Brain Training at the moment but I can feel a dictionary purchase coming on because I have been watching a lot of foreign language vids lately (eg Le Pacte de Loups) and it can take a while to look up the subtitles on my Wordtank (I don't speak French). It would be nice to just write the kanji and BAM! have the reading straightaway.


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