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June 15, 2006



Shazbot. Just tried to order this and the DS kanji dict from amazon.co.jp and they won't ship it to the states!


The What Japan Thinks blog has a post titled "Brain-boosting gaming grannies desire DSes" that relates to this topic:

Ken Y-N

Thanks for the plug Yookoso!

I sooo badly want to buy the DS, brain training and kanji dict, if only I could make more money through AdSense to pay for it! At my current rate it will be 2007 Christmas's gift to myself. Please, post more on the game; I might even be able to persuade my employer to pay half the cost...

The second radical answer is 親しい. Got that one right without the aid of the IME, and it looks like just the thing for studying for the Kanji Kentei.

Oh, and Doc Kawashima is saying 記録済み, not 登録済み!


Dear Ken

I'll post about new quizzes as I encounter them - one new one involves listening to 2 or three people speaking simultaneously and working out what words they are saying!

Thanks for the typo spot - I have fixed it up.

The second radical quiz is indeed 親, which has the kun reading したしい as you pointed out but is also widely known for its other kun reading おや 

Oh - try telling your employer that you'll make more money for them if your brain is further trained and see if they can write the DS off as a work expense



mystery bob

If you think this game is good for studying kanji, check out 漢字の渡り鳥. It is the mother of all kanji game out on the mareket now.



Nice post!! Very nicely depicted!! I bought my DS Lite recently purposely for that game, one of my best investments ever especially living in Japan.
Happy playing!



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