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July 20, 2006



I've seen the "Harry Potter" approach multiple times. In fact, if I recall correctly, a couple of people have wondered into #nihongo to specifically ask where to find a japanese version of Harry Potter. Thanks for the link to becomingagun, it's interesting to see where the trend started.

So, are you looking solely for vocabulary or do you find new grammatical constructs as well? If you come across a new grammatical construct, what is your method for memorizing or practicing?

Will Jasprizza

Hey Scott

Looking back through my notebook most of what I have jotted down is pure vocab, heavily weighted towards nouns (the K category) and verb combinations (mostly M). The grammar in HP hasn't been much of a problem. What I often find is a new way of using a contruct I am already familiar with, in which case a big "U" goes in the margin. To practice I whip out my notebook whenever I have a spare moment, look at a word and (a) try to recall what was happening in the story at that point and (b) bring it up in conversation with a friend or colleague sometime during the day. If I can work it into the conversation then fantastic, otherwise I'll just ask straight out what kind of situation Aさんuses the word. I find having a good old natter works wonders for my recollection.

How do you tell if there is special harry potter only vocabulary? Obviously it wouldn't be in a dictionary, but....


Sorry, I should probably given some kind of nick for the above...



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