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October 29, 2006


red mask

Didn't youtube just go through a massive purge of Japanese shows for legal reasons?
Couple of the links you gave come up very dead.


Will Jasprizza

Thanks for the heads up - I have fixed the links. And yeah, big time purge - http://mdn.mainichi-msn.co.jp/entertainment/news/20061020p2a00m0et018000c.html


A Japanese media group has recently had 30,000 clips removed from Youtube, so as a study resource Youtube is waning. On top of that, Youtube video quality is shoddy and there is no hassle-free option of downloading the video to your hard drive. Google video, on the other hand, tends to have higher-quality videos, and its own external program to cache the movies on your own system, but the downside is the user-base is smaller, and so I only have 日本語で暮らそう episodes 1-5, 10, 16, and 21.

I recently made a post on my site related to this topic, and I feel that media organizations world-wide are missing out on a fat market, providing an internet resource of shows that you can buy for a small fee, like Apple's store offering $0.99 episodes. The demand is there, it's just not being satisfied.

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