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February 27, 2007



That's a pretty inspirational video. It must go over well. Excellent job.

I find that a lot of the "inspirational speeches" that fly around are listened to, but not REALLY listened to, you know what I mean? In one ear, out the other. A video with a comparison of lifestyles and examples seems much more effective.

This was perfect timing, as I've just resolved that I'll become the best foreign-speaker of Korean on my little island home here, along with continuing my Japanese studies at a local juku.

I'm glad to hear you're in the money now, which unfortunately means you're out of time as well.


That was great! Exactly what I needed to see. very inspiring. I hope to apply it to my daily life here in Japan. I have been studying at a language school in Tokyo that is heavily Korean populated. I've been trying to stay away from other English speakers, because I notice they form groups and I didn't want to be a part of that, but then I find myself picking up Korean, when I should be out practicing my Japanese. Thanks for the awesome video post. Glad to see you found sometime to post. お忙しところをありがとうございました!


Thanks for the kind words guys. I have to decide whether to show the same video this year (fourth year running) or whether to make something new. I had so much fun making GLBL (it took a week to shoot!) that I'd love to get into the creative groove again but time (or lack thereof) is militating towards the former....


By amazing coincidence, I happened to watch this last night from a local copy on my own machine, thinking "where do I know this guy from?"


So Coal, when I move to Tokyo you can hook me up with your movie コネ and I can do this fulltime!


We'll see. The best I was able to get for myself (as an actor) was a 7 second cameo. You may do better...

Speaking of which, the dvd's going on sale this Friday!

red mask

Excellent video. Really hammers in some good points. What DVD are you guys talking about?


This one:


I saw it last year at the JET Conference, great video and presentation.

Do you still have the video available by Bit Torrent?


Excellent video... and oh so true...

Devon T

Oh man...that video is DEVASTATINGLY effective. I go through phases of being the good learner, and stages of being the bad learner, and right now it's the latter. That vid is just what I needed to see. Thanks!

Ryan Jay Slater

that video only made me want to watch eddie izzard.
... so i am. and definite article is hilarious! screw you japan for having the hardest language to learn in the whole world!

Guy in Japan

Lame. Why do you encourage foreigners to play the clown? The "bad learner" at least comes across like a normal human, not some idiot crying out for attention. You should read up on the post-war history of foreigners in Japan to understand why the clown portrayal which you encourage is a bad thing.

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