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April 11, 2007


Nate Dennehy

Looks like this software could be pretty sweet.

You may have already written about this somewhere, but I couldn't find the post so I thought I'd mention it. A similar one I've been using lately is called 200万人の漢字検定, and it's excellent.

It's got all the 常用漢字 divided into 10 levels that supposedly correspond to the 10 levels of the real 漢字検定, such that level 10 is composed of kanji from first grade of elementary school, level 9 is second grade, and so on until level 2 is third grade of junior high, and level 1 is rare, special-use kanji.

The storyline is nothing to get too excited about, but there are more than enough play modes to keep things interesting, and you unlock new modes and mini games as you progress through the levels and pass the corresponding tests. With the exception of those tests, you exercise complete control over the problems you encounter, so it's very accommodating, and because of the various learning modes and the way it organizes the problems you get right, you don't spend time on stuff you know well. It's cheap too, at less than 2500 yen. I recommend it.



As soon as I finish with my school now, and get a pay check, I'm gonna get a DS and the kanji kentei game. I also plan to do Remembering the Kanji at the same time, so hopefully that will be the last kick to jam the kanji I learned this year into my head for good (where for good = a short time).

Kanji. It's an endless battle.

Shawn Schrader

This game is great...i got to a point where i knew only about 200 kanj then forgot it all cuz i stopped studyin for a year..then i got this game and got in the flow of it again...it is fun and its actually pretty awesome...loads of practice and tests and different things you can do with...within a few days rememberin and writing alota new stuff...if your still sort of a beginner like me having a dictionary handy is still helpful since the game is made for japanese and not gaijin adults there may be some vocab that everyone isnt familiar with...but its a def. a good purchase


These seem like a great way to get back in the habit of studying kanji (which I am soooo lazy about)... I'm going to grab either this or the 200万人 thing ASAP. Thanks for posting this.

Rob M

I've been playing with this for about a week, and it is a lot of fun. I wouldn't use it a my main way to learn kanji from scratch, but it seems like a good way to review them so far. I'm sure htere are workbooks that cover the same material in a similar way, but there is something extra fun about reviewing kanji on the DS.


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