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July 09, 2007



So, do we pay the test fee on the test day?


No, you pay the 5500 by furikomi and mail the receipt along with your application form.


Sorry to clutter up your blog with this sort of rubbish Will, BUT, claytonian, would you happen to be the Clay who is friends with my friend Deas?!....

But back to the point, I was told recently that the JLPT isn't really recognised by most employers, or really known outside of the Japanese learning world. Does this mean it lacks value on a CV?! I was told about JETRO business Japanese and the Kanji proficiency test, but other than those, is the JLPT the only official Japanese test that learners can take to in some sense "prove" their language abilities? (I imagine JETRO isn't exactly ideal for a learner of conversational Japanese and kanji is all good and well, but remembering kanji doesn't mean you can speak the language right?!)

Either way, it's still a fantastic motivator for studying and I intend to sit Level 3 in December (given that I pull my finger out at some point soon and swap Harry Potter for some textbooks!)



The JLPT is probably the most well known examination in Japan. It probably wouldn't hold as much weight overseas (similar to the Eiken test of English that Japanese people take), but it would still prove some level of Japanese. It would certainly look nicer on a resume than having zero credentials in a foreign language.

JETRO is fairly well known as well, but it is almost useless (as far as I know) outside of the business world. It's very specifically a test of business Japanese, so it doesn't prove too much beyond you being able to conduct daily affairs at the office. Of course, if this is the kind of credential you need on your resume, then it would serve a great purpose.

Another great test is J.Test. Check out the official website here:

To a slight tangent...
The best way to prove your skills in Japanese is verbally. Where you're going to nail the job application process is at the interview. Show them you can wheel and deal in Japanese, and you've made some major points.


If you take the test, and you don't do well enough to pass level 3, will you get a level 4 certificate? Or is it just an auto fail? Thanks.


thx for the info.


I'm an avid reader this site for the past year but this is my first post.
I live in Ireland and managed to get hold of an application for this year's test. I intend to take (level 3) in Tokyo this December. Slight problem is, the form assumes you live in Japan! (address must be in Japan and the fee must be paid in a Japanese post office or ATM).
I've contacted a number of language schools in Japan (and my local embassey) but none can assist.
Does anyone know of a way to apply in this case (aside from taking a flight over before the September deadline!!!)
I won't be in Japan until early November so that unfortunately isn't an option.



I planning on taking the JLPT this year but can't decide if i should push for the level 3 or play safe with the level 4 test. As a somewhat expensive solution a friend suggested I send 2 applications one for each level and pay twice then just chose on the day when i'll be more sure of my ability....is this possible.

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