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July 11, 2007



I often carry around collections of murakami haruki short stories. They're good stuff, and the stories are short enough to get through in a few commutes!


HUH! I do that too!!! And it so works!!!

I tend to use girly novels though. ^_^;; But they're POPULAR girly novels, so when I'm done I can review them (as well as dramas I've watched) on Mixi and practice writing too! :D


Excellent advice. I've almost always got a Japanese novel or some non-fiction in my bag, as well as the daily paper.


Hello. I'm Kaori, an English teacher in Kanagawa-pref.
I read your blog and I think you're really hard learner. Great!! Maybe you can also talk Japanese well , can't you ?
An ALT in my school is often learning Japanese after school. He is eager to practice Kanji now. And He likes practicing judo.
Anyway, I'll read your blog soon.
Good luck.


point 6: leave your ipod at home!

I didn't realize how much time I'd been spending watching TV shows on the train until I forgot my headphones today. Let me tell you, I picked up my book (食べる女) immediately! Sure, it didn't have the instant gratification of watching Desperate Housewives, but quite satisfying on the whole.

Thanks for the tip!


Thanks for the advice, that was a great one. I'm a beginner in learning Japanese and I got a disney story book (in Japanese) which is very thick, for me to practice reading. It'll be too heavy to carry in my bag, but now i think i'm gonna look for a thin one after hearing ur advice.. Thx again :D

noreh sakura jones

hey dude!!

this is very usefull tips and advise!!!


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