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August 17, 2007



when i was a kid living in japan at the end of showa jidai, we used to do this too, draw that mark and put your name and your crush underneath. however, i never knew what it was called. sometimes one would write the kanji for inochi on top.


that is such a lovely expression

nice sentiment!


My students at senior high school here still love drawing aiaigasa. It's usually only the girls. I had the privilege once of a san-nen-sei (3rd year student) drawing one for me and my fiance. So cute!!


I told my friend Koji that I had learnt about this and he told me about how when he was at Junior High School, he had an exchange diary that he shared with his girlfriend at the time. They would exchange the diary and write an entry each on alternating days. They maintained the diary for over a year and Koji still has it now. On the first page is an umbrella below a love heart, with their names written underneath and "since 1985". So cute!

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