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October 10, 2007



Excellent series you've got going on here. I heard a lot of these in use at my old job but had never seen them written down before, and they are much easier to digest after reading them.

Thomas (nihonhacks.com)

This is a great idea for a series. I often hear these around the office, but I didn't realize before that it was such a strict protocol.


Where's part five? The tension is killing me and Mr Tanaka on line 5 can't wait much longer for me to respond!!!!!


Would it be possible per chance to see a similar series for email etiquette? You have no idea how happy that would make me. Thanks for the great site - it's like an Aladdin's cave, minus the pointy shoes.


Email - that's a good idea. I have to make enough time to get to part 5 first!

Sorry about Mr Tanaka :-)

Kevin M

It wouldn't hurt to be more clear in the definitions/descriptions of XX, YY, ZZ, AA; especially in earlier parts of the series. At first these are just used in order, then they are used in different places (adding confusion) and then in the latter parts they are used in the correct places.
It also wouldn't hurt to use more kanji in the written examples as many of these cross over into email communications. Of course this is clearly stated as a telephone guide and it wouldn't do email justice to include it partially. I am talking about such words as 御座います or 有難う.

Other than my pesky remarks above, this is a great piece of work. Thanks for all your hard work in putting this together and sharing with others.


Thanks a lot for this great series :)
I'm sure it will be of great help in the future.

Also an e-mail etiquette would be well appreciated ^_^"

marie carre

Great. That makes everything clear in my head. Hope I'd be able to use them!
Good job.

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