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October 02, 2007



That totoro image is nasty.
I was just in the Ghibli store in Osaka station over the weekend too... All those cute images have been washed fro my memory.

I didn't know that his name was her mispronunciation of tororu!


Anytime. Ha ha.

And I too didn't know that "Totoro" originated from Mei-chan's flubbed Japanese. Awww.


Throughout Geddo Senki I kept wondering why they were talking about a gold mine (金鉱). Odd how I thought of that way before 均衡 ever crossed my mind. Me stupid.


Odd that you stayed awake long enough to contemplate that!


I was trying to find more info on this and your blog post was the only thing in English that came up. You may want to check this out: http://ameblo.jp/head-bad/entry-10027332335.html

may hirase

:'( that broke my heart so much. i shouldve heeded your warning but i was too curious. :'(

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