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November 30, 2007


Paul D

I don't know if you've upgraded to Leopard or not, but the new pop-up dictionary includes two Japanese dictionaries, and it's just awesome. Hover over any Japanese word in any application, including your browser, and hit Ctrl-Cmd-D to see its dictionary entry.


I'll try out Leopard when I get a brand spanking new iMac next month. Do you know offhand whether you can customize the dictionaries, or use your own?

Kim A

Not sure about adding custom dictionaries, my instincts tell me no.

But the built in ones are pretty nice, Shogakukans 大辞泉, プログレッシブ英和・和英中辞典 and 類語例解辞典. Unfortunately the dictionary popup isn't smart enough to be able to look up inflected words, which brings the usefullness when reading texts down a bit.


Thanks for the comment Kim, and for Jisho.org, whose sentence function I have been making a lot of use of lately!


just use shortcuts!

alt + w : searches for a word in moji
alt + k : searches for kanji

works inside google docs just fine in my win xp firefox.


Joselito - thanks for the tip!


My word. This is my new favourite website.

Reality bytes

Wow! You're cutting edge. These are my best tricks! This is THE blog for those in the know.


Just wanted to say thanks for the information. I tend to live in a bubble when it comes to new technology, so it's nice to stumble upon things sometimes.


As for adding your own dictionaries, I personally came across this website:
It's basically Eijiro integration to the dictionary application, unfortunately it didn't work for me :/

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